Conditions of sale

Conditions of access to the Website and general contracting conditions.

The references and mentions made to the set of conditions and terms set out below will be made as CGC, and will apply to professionals and companies that acquire the products for resale or distribution or for any other field. of their business or professional activity, (hereinafter, by both and without distinction, "Merchant").

  • 1.Company information.
    In compliance with the provisions of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, it is reported that MCL Interglobal SL (hereinafter, MCL) is the owner of the Website www. Likewise, it is reported that MCL's domicile is located in the city of Móstoles, on Puerto Guadarrama Street 10, and that it has been registered in the Commercial Registry of Madrid, Volume 42565, Folio 140, Inscription 1, Sheet M-753115 and that your CIF is B67668277. To contact our company you can write to calle Puerto Guadarrama 10 - 28935 Móstoles (Madrid), or write a message to
  • 2. Privacy and Security Policy.
    • 2.1 Privacy.
      MCL guarantees the privacy of the personal data provided, according to the LOPD. Visiting this website does not mean that the user is obliged to provide any information about themselves, however during the visit it is possible that personal data may be requested. These data will be used to answer your request and to send it. They will also be used to send you information about our company and services by any means of communication. By sending us this form you are explicitly accepting the receipt of the same. If you do not wish to receive our information, you would only have to send an email requesting unsubscription from the information service to MCL, Legal Department, calle Puerto Guadarrama, 10 - 28935 Móstoles (Madrid), your personal data will be part of the client file. whose recipient and person responsible for the file and its processing is: MCL, at Puerto Guadarrama, 10 - 28935 Móstoles (Madrid), where you may exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, by writing to the address indicated above, including a copy. DNI or equivalent identification documents.

      Refusal to provide the data will mean the non-provision or impossibility of accessing the service for which it was requested. You have the right to receive a response to any question, query or clarification that may arise from this form. In the event that you provide your data through an email message, it will form part of the same file whose purpose will be the management of the request or comment you make to us, the rest of the points indicated in the previous paragraph being applicable. All your data will be definitively removed from our database for the following reasons: 1st- at your request. 2º- when they are no longer necessary for the purposes that motivated their collection. The parties submit, at their option, for the resolution of conflicts and waiving any other jurisdiction, to the courts and tribunals of the domicile of the owner of the website.
    • 2.2. Security.
      The Merchant undertakes to diligently save the "username" and "password" provided by MCL when registering as a user of the Website

      The Merchant will assume responsibility for any damages that may arise from improper or negligent use of the username and password provided, with the Merchant being responsible for all damages and losses caused by not immediately informing MCL of fraudulent use or unauthorized access to your username and password.
  • 3. Intellectual and industrial property.
    The creations, designs, logos, graphics, drawings, icons, the MCL brand, other distinctive signs or any other content displayed on the website are subject to intellectual and industrial property rights belonging to MCL or third parties that have duly authorized its inclusion or use by MCL.

    In no case will it be understood that any license is granted or that any waiver, transmission, total or partial transfer of said rights is made, nor is any right or expectation of right conferred, and especially, alteration, exploitation, reproduction , distribution or public communication of said contents without the prior express written authorization of MCL or the corresponding owners.

    In particular, it is highlighted that MCL and the MCL logo are registered trademarks in Spain, the owner being MCL. The use of this trademark requires the express written authorization of MCL. Unauthorized use of this trademark or other trademarks belonging to MCL or third parties who have authorized their use by MCL may be subject to legal proceedings to the fullest extent of the law. To request such authorization in writing, please contact the MCL Legal Department at the postal address indicated above.

    Likewise, unless expressly authorized in writing, the introduction of hyperlinks or links for commercial purposes on Web pages belonging to third parties that allow access to all or part of the content hosted on the Web www is expressly prohibited., without in any case MCL being responsible for the content that may be on the Web pages of said third parties.
  • 4. General Purchase Conditions.
    • 4.1. Generalities.
      These general purchasing conditions (CGC) are the only ones applicable to sales made through, and will apply to all purchases made by Merchants.

      The CGC will come into force for each of the purchases that take place from and from the moment of their publication on the Web, not being applicable to purchases concluded with prior to the indicated time. Each purchase made through the website will be governed by the general conditions applicable to the order date, at which time the purchase and sale contract will be considered perfected.

      By placing an order, the Merchant accepts expressly and without reservation, the GTC included in this section, as well as what is included in the preceding sections, all of them, without prejudice to any other forms of manifestation of conformity that the Merchant may express tacitly or expressly during the ordering, registration or use of the Website
    • 4.2. Information on price and specifications of the products.
      The information on prices and specifications of products that appears in our product directories or catalogs is provided for indicative purposes only, with the prices and specifications shown subject to variation. In any case, the prices shown on the website will only be valid for purchases made through said website, and therefore will not be applicable to any other purchases made in our premises or establishments or through other channels other than the established one. for said website.
      Therefore, the price and specifications of the product to be taken into account will be those that are shown at the time of placing the order, without in any case the prices and specifications of the products offered on said Website subsequently being applicable. or prior to the time of placing the order.
      Likewise, the price offered through does not include transportation costs or special taxes, fees, tariffs or any other local tax payable by the Merchant in accordance with applicable legislation, without in any case MCL is responsible for them unless expressly included in the corresponding order.
    • 4.3 Placing the order and formalizing the sale.
      To place an order it is necessary to access the website and register as a Merchant, completing the electronic form provided for this purpose according to the instructions indicated for it.

      After registration and following the necessary steps indicated, the Merchant will accept the order for the articles and products that he has previously selected.

      The acceptance of the order by the Merchant will expressly imply knowledge and compliance with these GTC, at which time the purchase and sale contract between the Merchant and MCL will be formalized and will be governed by these GTC.

      Any condition or unilateral mention introduced by the Merchant when placing the order or communicated by any other written or electronic means will be understood as not established, unless it has been expressly accepted in writing by MCL. Consequently, none of the general conditions contained in this document may be limited, modified or deleted without the prior express written acceptance of MCL. In particular, those stipulations or demands introduced by the Merchant that in any way may imply for MCL the establishment of additional obligations or duties to those expressly established in these GTC will be deemed not to have been established.
    • 4.4. Availability of the products included in the order, payment and delivery times.
      • 4.4.1.
        The selection of products included in the order will be valid as long as the selected products are in the available stock, in which case, and once the payment and other steps necessary to complete the purchase have been completed, the product will be delivered. order within the period indicated when placing it.
      • 4.4.2.
        MCL offers several payment methods that may be used by Merchants according to the indications and conditions that are indicated for each of them at all times.
      • 4.4.3.
        In the event that once the order has been formalized, the total or partial unavailability of the products is verified, MCL will ship the rest of the products and will issue a credit for the value of the unavailable product or products. Said credit may be deducted from the payment of the next order placed by the Merchant as long as the total of the new order is equal to or greater than the value of the credit.
      • 4.4.4.
        However, it is noted that the delivery times to the carrier for shipment indicated on the website are only indicative, and MCL is committed to complying with them, although, due to ordinary circumstances in the management and organization of stocks and the volume of customer shipments, these deadlines could be modified, without in any case, delays in delivery with respect to the indicated deadlines grant the Merchant any right to demand compensation or any direct derivative compensation. or indirectly from the delay in delivery, except in those cases in which the delay is of such a nature that it can be considered a breach of contract.

        Likewise, it is noted that MCL will not proceed with the shipment of any product as long as MCL has not received from the Merchant the amount corresponding to the price, taxes, transportation costs or any other costs associated with the order, MCL reserving the right to cancel the order at any time once 72 hours have passed since placing the corresponding order without receiving the indicated amounts.

        MCL expressly reserves ownership of the products delivered until full payment of the sale price, interest, expenses, taxes, fees or any other amounts associated with the corresponding order.
    • 4.5. Cancellation of orders.
      The Merchant may cancel an order as long as its status is confirmed. It will not be possible to cancel an order from the moment its status changes to "In preparation".
    • 4.6 Delivery.
      The delivery is considered to have been made from the moment the product is made available to the Merchant by the carrier at the indicated address and the recipient or person who is at the same firm accepting the delivery. Once the order has been received, it is the Merchant's obligation to verify that the products received correspond to their order, and to express, within 24 hours following delivery, all reservations and claims that may be justified, and especially, damages and defects that can be seen visually or without the need to test the operation of the products delivered. After this period without having made reservations, MCL will not be responsible for any damage suffered by the products delivered during transport.

      In the event that the Merchant prevents, rejects or does not take charge of the delivery, it must be responsible for the expenses corresponding to the return and reshipping shipping, unless the delivery had not been possible due to cause not attributable to the Merchant.
    • 4.7 Right of withdrawal.
      • 4.7.1.
        The Merchant may request the return of the product within a period of 14 calendar days from receipt of the product through the return form enabled on the Website.
      • 4.7.2.
        The Merchant must pay the direct costs of return and compensate for any damage that may have been caused intentionally or negligently to the product.
        To make the return it is necessary that the merchandise be in perfect condition, with no signs of having been used, with all its accessories complete, as well as with its original packaging and labeling intact.
      • 4.7.3.
        If the return is made through a transport company, the Merchant must ensure that the original manufacturer's packaging is not damaged, altered or deteriorated in any way.
      • 4.7.4.
        MCL, by itself or through third parties, reserves the right to carry out a prior analysis of the merchandise before accepting said return.

        MCL will not accept returns if the product is not presented in perfect condition, nor those that are freight collect.

        In any case, products that are subject to market fluctuations beyond the seller's reach will be excluded from the possibility of return, given their special characteristics; those products that have been developed, modified or customized for the Merchant; those products purchased with the ICAE gunsmith serial number marking personalization service; those products that were ordered specifically for the user; all consumables; all Airsoft Weapons as well as all parts or pieces intended for repairs or modifications not carried out by the official MCL Technical Service.
      • 4.7.5.
        The Merchant may make the return through a transport company at its expense, without in any case MCL being obliged to accept the shipments that are sent under the modality of carriage due or any other that implies disbursement by MCL, and may at your option, reject the shipping, or accept it, retaining the amount corresponding to the shipping from the price to be returned to the user.

        Returns will be sent to calle Puerto Gaudarrama, 10 - 28935 Móstoles, including on the outside of the package in a clear and visible manner the return number or reference that MCL would have provided for this purpose.
      • 4.7.6.
        Once the product is received, MCL will examine its contents in order to verify its perfect condition for acceptance. The receipt of the returned merchandise will not in any case imply acceptance or conformity of its condition, therefore, MCL will have a period of 15 days to inform the Merchant of any damages and flaws in the product whose causes are attributable to the Merchant. The amounts paid by the Merchant will be returned in the form of "Credit" to be deducted from the payment of the next order placed by the Merchant.
    • 4.8 Guarantees.
      • 4.8.1. Products with warranty granted by the manufacturer or official distributor of the products.
        When there are causes of non-conformity with products served by MCL that have a guarantee offered by the manufacturer or distributor of said products with a scope no less than that established in Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, said products must be sent directly to the manufacturer or distributor according to the procedures that they provide, without in any case, MCL being responsible for the Merchant or against their clients, for damages derived from the lack of conformity of the products served by MCL to the Merchant.

        Consequently with the above, MCL will not be responsible for any product that has the aforementioned guarantee, being the Merchant or its client who must be responsible for sending the product in question to the manufacturer or guarantor distributor in accordance with the procedures and instructions that they indicate.
      • 4.8.2.
        The products purchased by the Merchant that do not have the guarantee referred to in the previous section will have a guarantee of one year from the date of delivery to the Merchant in all those cases in which the product does not comply. If replacement parts or products are not available, MCL may use or provide new or equivalent components or products in accordance with industry uses and standards.

        MCL reserves the right to send the product to the manufacturer so that it can carry out the appropriate repairs or proceed with replacement as the case may be. After the period indicated above, it will be the Merchant who will have to assume, at his own risk and risk, the responsibility for the guarantee of said products against third parties.

        Without prejudice to the observance of the instructions and recommendations established by the manufacturer of the product, the Merchant must inform MCL of the lack of conformity of the product as soon as it becomes aware of it, and in any case, before two months have elapsed since The circumstances giving rise to the lack of conformity have been shown, without MCL being liable for any damages or losses caused by the lack of conformity once said period has expired.

        All products sent to technical service under the warranty conditions must be sent postage paid by the Merchant and always after the assignment of an RMA number. Any product sent freight collect or without an RMA number will not be received.
      • 4.8.3.
        MCL will not be responsible for any product detailed in the previous section that has been used without observing the instruction manual or installation, configuration or safety procedures provided by the manufacturer, nor when the product has been manipulated by outsiders. to MCL.

        Consequently with the above, the guarantee offered by MCL with respect to the items detailed in the previous section will be void when the product presents damage or defects due to the concurrence of one or some of the following circumstances: knocks and/or inadequate transportation by the carrier contracted by the Merchant or by third parties other than MCL; faulty installation and/or installation errors; connection and/or installation of peripheral elements not compatible with the product; connection of the appliance to an inadequate voltage or power supply network; power surge; manipulation by personnel other than the technical service authorized by MCL: manipulation of any seal or identification or control label with which the product is provided; fault or negligence of the Merchant or third parties other than MCL; normal wear and tear from use of the product; damages due to external phenomena and/or accidents that occur while the product is at the disposal of the Merchant or third parties other than MCL; damage suffered by humidity or other environmental conditions other than those existing in a suitable and normal environment of an office or home; incidents due to problems with the Merchant's or user's software or computer viruses, and in general due to unforeseen events and force majeure.

        Likewise, all products purchased by the Merchant that are considered spare parts are excluded from the warranty, meaning all those parts or components that are integrated into a product, intended to be replaced in the event of breakdown or wear of another similar part or component of a specific product, machine, device or instrument. In this regard, the Merchant expressly accepts that said purchases will be made without having any guarantee from MCL, therefore the Merchant assumes at its own risk and fortune, all the responsibility that may arise towards third parties as a consequence of the lack of conformity of said spare parts.
      • 4.8.4.
        All those consumable or temporary use products, that is, those whose use causes depreciation, among others and by way of example, gas canisters, Co2 bottles, ammunition (BBs), batteries,... MCL does not offer any warranty in relation to these products.
      • 4.8.5.
        Regarding the products referred to in section 4.8.2. above, any repair thereof must be previously expressly authorized by MCL in the form and manner indicated to the Merchant, following the indications and instructions that for this purpose appear on the Website, or well, according to the instructions provided to you from the email address

        In order to facilitate the authorization of repair and the corresponding repair work, the Merchant must present a copy of the invoice, as well as a detailed description of the defects or reasons for the cause of non-conformity, providing in at all times the information or data on defects or reasons for non-conformity that MCL or third parties authorized by MCL may request for the purposes indicated above.

        The Merchant exempts MCL from liability and will hold harmless MCL for any damages that may result from the total or partial loss of the information or data stored in the product sent to MCL for repair, and it is the Merchant's obligation to verify or warn appropriate third parties of the obligation to make, at their expense and risk, a backup copy of all data and information stored in the product, before delivery for repair.

        Notwithstanding all of the above, in the event that the manufacturer has a technical service for the corresponding product, the Merchant must contact it directly as indicated in section 4.8.1. former.
      • 4.8.6.
        In any case, the Merchant must have a code or reference number that identifies the authorization for the repair, and the Merchant must include said code or reference on the outside of the package in a visible place and in a clear and identifiable manner.

        MCL may reject shipments received without including the indicated code or reference number, or when they are sent using transport services other than that indicated by MCL.

        When the repair of the product is covered by the warranty, once the product is repaired, it will be sent to the Merchant. If repair is not possible, the product will be replaced or paid for.
      • 4.8.7.
        When the repair or replacement of the product is not covered by the corresponding warranty, MCL may take charge of the repair, for which the Merchant will be instructed to authorize the repair according to the estimate, MCL reserving in any case the right to request provision of funds as a precondition for the start of budgeted works. Likewise, the repaired products may remain in the possession of MCL as long as the price and expenses of the corresponding repair have not been paid. After a period of 30 days has elapsed without payment of the amounts owed for these concepts, MCL may proceed as indicated in the second paragraph of the following section.

        When the Merchant rejects the repair of the product not covered by the warranty, MCL may require the Merchant to pay for the labor used in the verification or testing of the corresponding product, the Merchant expressly accepting for these purposes, that the verification or testing of each unit of product is invoiced for a minimum amount equivalent to €30 corresponding to 30 minutes of work at a rate of €60 per hour, without prejudice to taxes, shipping costs or other costs associated with the Merchant. must pay.

        The resulting amount will be sent by invoice to the Merchant so that it can be paid on demand, and MCL may offset up to the extent of the amount owed with any other amount that may be in favor of the Merchant for any reason. another concept.
      • 4.8.8.
        Products not covered by warranty will only be returned to the Merchant once he has paid the corresponding shipping costs or contracted the shipping costs, without MCL advancing any amount for this concept or assuming responsibility with third parties regarding said shipments.

        When the Merchant is not interested in the repair of products not covered by the warranty, it must take charge of said products in the manner indicated in the previous paragraph as soon as it is informed that the products are not covered by warranty. the guarantee, understanding that after 30 days without having taken charge of their withdrawal, it abandons them, and in such case MCL may dispose of them, without prejudice to the expenses and costs that this implies, which may be claimed to the Merchant, in particular, all those recycling or destruction expenses that must be assumed by MCL as a consequence of the applicable environmental regulations.

        In no case can the residual value or amount corresponding to the abandoned merchandise be offset with other debts or amounts that the Merchant owes to MCL for other concepts.
  • 5. Applicable legislation and jurisdiction.
    All purchases and sales made through the website are subject to Spanish legislation.
    In the event that any conflict or discrepancy arises in the interpretation or application of these contractual conditions, the Courts and Tribunals that, where appropriate, will hear the matter, will be those established by the applicable legal regulations regarding jurisdiction. competent authority, which serves, in the case of final consumers, the place of fulfillment of the obligation or the domicile of the purchasing party.
    In the event that the purchasing party is domiciled outside of Spain, or in the case of a sale carried out by a subject who does not have the status of consumer, both parties submit, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction, to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Móstoles (Spain), Spanish legislation being applicable, and where applicable, the conditions expressly agreed between MCL and the subject who does not hold the status of consumer.

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